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Google I/O 2014

All the news from the annual Google I/O event, including the latest on Android.


Three releases ICS update for Sony Xperia S

You can upgrade your Xperia S to Android Ice Cream Sandwich now, if you're on Three.

By June 30, 2012


Spot and avoid the latest online scams

Among the recent targets of Web criminals are students, renters, and romance-seekers; everyone is at risk though, so keep your defenses up, up, up.

By March 6, 2014


Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM and Motorola rejects ICS in news video

Samsung's software is leaking, plus many more happenings from the world of phones in this week's Phone News video.

By May 22, 2012


Google Voice puts voice mail in your ICS call log (hands-on)

Wouldn't it be great if you could play Google Voice voice mail messages outside of the dedicated app? On Ice Cream Sandwich phones, you now can.

By March 23, 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 news, ICS on the S2 and new iPad in video

Hear the latest news on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, an Android ICS update for the S2 and how well the iPad is selling in this video.

By March 20, 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 specs leaked: quad-core, 1080p screen, ICS

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S3's specs have leaked, and they're mighty impressive, giving the iPhone more than a run for its money.

By February 27, 2012


LG P-700 joining X3 at MWC, runs ICS

Another LG Android handset has leaked ahead of MWC, and this one runs Ice Cream Sandwich as well, though not as you'd expect...

By February 4, 2012


FBI warns users of mobile malware

In a warning issued by a government task force, mobile users are told to beware of malware that is especially lured to Android's operating system and ways to avoid it.

By October 15, 2012


Don't be the next victim of Internet scammers

It may take more than an ounce of prevention to avoid falling prey to the growing number of online criminals and their increasingly sophisticated deceptions.

By June 11, 2012


iHome intros budget line of Android accessories

"The size of the worldwide Android audience and lack of current speaker options gives us a significant opportunity to introduce our products to a new group of consumers," says Evan Stein, iHome's director of marketing.

By April 18, 2012