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Cowon iAudio 10 has colour therapy, helps you sleep

Cowon’s latest MP3 player lets you change the background and text colour, to put you in a particular mindset. Colour us intrigued.

By September 11, 2011


Cowon iAudio E2

In the world of supertiny MP3 players, the Cowon E2 delivers great sound, in spite of a confusing design.

By January 28, 2010


Cowon iAudio 9 first impressions

CNET's Donald Bell offers a photo gallery and first impressions of the Cowon iAudio 9 MP3 player.

By November 12, 2009


Cowon iAudio 9 -- photos

Take a closer look at the iAudio 9 MP3 player from Cowon USA.

13 Images By November 12, 2009


Cowon iAudio 9 MP3 player tested

Cowon's latest entrant into the MP3 player arena is the iAudio 9 -- an iPod nano-sized effort with touch-sensitive controls. We apply our critical appendages

By November 11, 2009


Cowon iAudio E2--photos

Take a closer look at the Cowon iAudio E2 MP3 player.

14 Images By November 10, 2009


iAudio E2 now available, still confusing

The iAudio E2 is a small, stylish MP3 player meant to take on the Apple iPod Shuffle. A 4GB model goes on sale today for $65.

By November 3, 2009


Cowon prices iAudio 9 for U.S.

Cowon's iPod Nano alternative, the iAudio 9, finally receives pricing and technical specs for the U.S.

By November 2, 2009


Cowon iAudio 9 photos

Take a closer look at the Cowon iAudio 9 MP3 player.

9 Images By November 2, 2009


Cowon teases iAudio 9 overseas

The Korean version of the Cowon Web site is showcasing a teaser for a new portable media player named the iAudio 9.

By October 1, 2009