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'i-Buddy' brings IM emoticons to life

It's the perfect companion to the "Nabaztag."

By March 3, 2008


Great Christmas gadgets under £100

Everyone knows Christmas is about buying the respect and adulation of friends and family, and these awesome bargain gadgets will make you more popular than ever

By November 11, 2008


'Chatterbots' are as weird as they are annoying

WowWee's "interactive desktop companions" are more bizarre than cute.

By May 12, 2008


Sony's 'Rolly' goes goth in Japan

Dancing egg gets black 1GB version.

By March 31, 2008


Desktop robot invasion advances to e-mail

Bandai's "Tachikoma" is the latest Japanese bot to take over desktop tasks.

By March 12, 2008


Gadgettes 79: The Feel-Good Episode

It's summer outside! It's freakin summer outside! OK, so we realize we've been given an unseasonable gift in February. But that won't stop us from feeling good!

By February 29, 2008