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New drug called Snapchat hospitalising users

Australian police have issued a warning about a new drug called Snapchat, branded with the Snapchat logo and based on bath salts.

By June 15, 2014


Science explains Rudolph's red reindeer nose

Leave it to a bunch of scientists to figure out one of the holiday season's greatest mysteries: why Rudolph is a red-nosed reindeer.

By December 18, 2012


Outperform steroids with this body-cooling glove

Researchers are improving a cooling device they claim can enhance athletic performance better than steroids. It could be used to help prevent hyperthermia deaths.

By August 31, 2012


Hot nanotubes blast chemo-resistant cancer cells into oblivion

These cancer stem cells are difficult to kill because they don't divide rapidly--a common behavior that most cancer treatments target.

By February 15, 2012


The 404 704: Where having kids only makes you hotter (podcast)

Natali comes on the show to prove that having kids only makes you hotter. We also discuss the politics of unfriending someone on Facebook, cloth vs. disposable diapers, and the dangers of using a laptop for too long!

By November 8, 2010