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TIE Interceptor drone is the meanest starfighter in the galaxy

The guy who built the Millennium Falcon drone is back with another "Star Wars"-themed drone creation. If you see this TIE Interceptor drone coming your way, you'd better hope your hyperdrive is operational.

By March 2, 2015


Apple's MacBook Air goes into Intel i5 hyperdrive

Apple's new MacBook Air leapfrogs from old Intel Core 2 Duo silicon to a fresh Sandy Bridge chip. That's a leap of two generations, and it shows in the performance.

By July 21, 2011


How to maintain photographic memory

Hyperdrive for fast backups

By January 12, 2007


Microsoft facing four-front legal war

After a 13-week hiatus, Microsoft's defense of charges that it doesn't play by the rules is about to go into hyperdrive.

May 24, 1999