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Logic Pro and Logic Express updates address Hyper-Threading issues

Apple has released updates for both Logic Pro and Logic Express, addressing compatibility problems with some CPU setups on Mac systems along with a number of other issues.

By May 24, 2011


Intel "hyper-threading" to debut soon

The chipmaker's "hyper-threading" technology for boosting chip performance will debut soon with its first server versions of the Pentium 4 chip.

By February 6, 2002


Dell pumps up low-end Intel servers

Hyper-threading, which can help boost performance of some applications by 20 percent or more, debuts in the company's new server.

By February 19, 2002


Unisys to upgrade 32-way Intel server

Unisys will debut new 32-processor servers, a revamp of its ES7000 line with the latest Intel Xeon processors, the company plans to announce next week. The new Xeons, running at 1.4GHz and 1.6GHz, come with a feature called hyper-threading, which lets a single CPU act somewhat like two, but the feature isn't enabled in the first versions of the new ES7000/200. Dell plans to use the new Xeons, as will new systems from IBM, Egenera and others to be announced next week. The ES7000 can be divided into several independent partitions, each with its own operating system. With the new server, pre-written scripts can be used to add or remove processors from a partition to adjust to increasing or decreasing workloads, the company said. Unisys has joined with Microsoft to market the machines and improve the Windows operating system for the high-end system. Deals under which Compaq Compaq and Hewlett-Packard would sell the ES7000 under their own names fell apart in 2001.

By March 8, 2002