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Report: Market for fuel cell vehicles to take off by 2020

Increase in hydrogen gas stations is contributing to expected growth of fuel cell vehicle market within decade, according to Pike Research.

By June 16, 2010


'Smart' electric grids to ease zap from plug-ins?

Department of Energy-funded project is testing fast chargers and "smart" electrical grids for controlling a potential strain on resources from plug-in hybrid vehicles.

By July 22, 2008


Ecotality buys Innergy for mobile-solar and battery technology

Through acquisitions, Ecotality looks to "roll up" several clean-energy companies and become profitable next year.

By September 20, 2007


Ecotality buys Fuel Cell Store

Acquisition should help develop market for Ecotality's hydrogen fuel generator for fuel cells.

By June 14, 2007


Priming the pump for hydrogen fuel

Start-up Ecotality taps NASA technology for a system that can feed a vehicle's fuel cell on-demand. Images: Hydratus at work

By March 27, 2007


Studying the hydrogen energy chain

Turning hydrogen into a viable fuel presents many challenges, but researchers are also discovering possible solutions.

By April 4, 2007


Week in review: New breezes blowing in energy tech

Wind power, hydrogen fuel, even manure--that's the stuff that start-up dreams are made on.

By March 30, 2007