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Samsung reportedly readies Verizon Windows Phone

It's been over a year since this wireless carrier and handset-maker teamed up to release a Windows phone.

By February 3, 2014


A high-res Earth from 512 miles (photos)

The Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite will monitor the planet's environment, exposing long-term patterns helpful in assessing the impact of climate change.

By November 23, 2011


New Intel processors: More powerful Netbooks, what else?

A leaked look at Intel's upcoming CPU lineup for portables gives us a few clues about what to look forward to in laptops of the near future.

By June 1, 2010


New HP ultraportable first to use AMD Neo chip

AMD is introducing new chips at CES that target the no-man's land between Netbooks and notebooks. Enter HP's Pavilion dv2.

By January 5, 2009


Take note, Intel: New silicon to redefine Netbooks

New chips from Advanced Micro Devices, Freescale Semiconductor, and Qualcomm may redefine the market for so-called Netbooks and ultraportables.

By December 4, 2008


Intel rethinks Netbooks: 'Fine for an hour' but...

The smallish designs may not be the next big thing after all. Intel, whose Atom chip powers most Netbooks, says it now foresees mostly incremental gains.

By November 28, 2008


AMD 'Yukon' looks beyond Netbooks

Chipmaker will target its Yukon technology at ultraportables but not necessarily the Netbook market.

By November 13, 2008