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Mark Hurd reportedly contacted about running Dell after buyout

Private-equity group making rival bid for the computer maker has reportedly discussed the CEO's position with the former HP chief.

By Mar. 20, 2013


Steve Jobs tried to help Mark Hurd regain his job, says report

Apple's co-founder reportedly urged a reconciliation between the beleaguered former CEO and Hewlett-Packard's board.

By Jan. 10, 2013


Here's the letter Mark Hurd didn't want you to see

The 8-page missive from Jodie Fisher's attorney alleges the former HP chief made repeated sexual overtures, which Hurd's lawyer denies.

By Dec. 29, 2011


Former HP CEO Mark Hurd loses appeal to keep letter sealed

Hurd, now president of Oracle, loses an appeal in court this week that would keep the letter accusing him of sexual harassment confidential.

By Dec. 29, 2011


Oracle says HP committed fraud with Hurd settlement

In a new court filing, Oracle says Hewlett-Packard committed fraud by not disclosing plans to hire two former Oracle executives while the two companies were at work on a settlement.

By Aug. 30, 2011


Judge orders HP to release letter that started Hurd probe

Plaintiffs in shareholder suit have sought records related to Mark Hurd's departure from HP, including the letter from lawyers representing Jodie Fisher. Now, most of the letter will be released.

By Mar. 18, 2011


HP proposes new probe into Hurd's departure

In response to shareholder lawsuit, HP is ready to conduct another probe into the circumstances of the former chief executive's departure.

By Jan. 19, 2011


Mark Hurd asks to intervene in HP investor suit

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO has been fighting to keep sealed a document written by a former contractor whose sexual harassment allegations led to his ouster from the company.

By Dec. 28, 2010


Report: SEC looks into Hurd's ousting from HP

The federal government is investigating whether HP's former CEO leaked inside information to former contractor Jodie Fisher, among other things, before his ousting.

By Dec. 20, 2010


Reports show HP was right to dump Hurd

commentary Mark Hurd's career skyrocketed after he turned HP around, but two new reports illustrate how his reckless behavior involving a former actress endangered his company's reputation.

By Nov. 6, 2010