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iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Motorola Razr

We smash three magnificent mobiles into each other -- which will be left standing when the silicon dust settles?

By October 20, 2011


CNET Car Tech: 2011 BMW 750i Active Hybrid

The 2011 BMW 750i Active Hybrid is a big, brawny, largely unjustifiable green machine.

By March 29, 2011


Should Apple allow English porn iPad app?

Is Apple right to allow the Sun newspaper to have an iPad app featuring topless women? Is this a purely commercial decision? Or does Apple show a peculiar understanding of English culture?

By June 16, 2010


'Tis the season to Crave: Sharon Vaknin's picks

We kick off our annual series of end-of-year wish lists.

By December 8, 2008


FreeBe TV: Not just bad. Hella rubbish

TV over the Internet sounds like a fantastic idea -- but would you pay over £5,700 to watch a 30-minute, 30-year-old movie?

By October 19, 2006


Download start-up takes aim at DVDs

Don't want to have to sit at your PC to watch a movie? EZTakes lets you burn to disc from its offbeat selection.

By September 19, 2006


It's the site of the living dead, as cult films hit Web

Hard-to-find cult classics are now available for free online, as enthusiasts upload them to a site called Veoh.

By March 8, 2006


Predictions for tech in 1999

Compaq, Amazon, Dell, and marketing buzzwords top the list of what is in our crystal ball for the year to come.

By January 1, 1999