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Sci-fi fantasy nears reality: A full-on phone on your wrist

Epic Watchphones hopes crowdfunding is the ticket to introducing a smartwatch that has absolutely no need for a smartphone buddy.

By September 23, 2014


When Apple says no ... before saying yes

The iPhone 6 continues Apple's history of embracing technologies it once derided. Far from fickle, the company has many reasons for changing its mind about what features it supports.

By September 18, 2014


2006 Hummer H3

The Hummer H3 makes up for a lack of power and gadgets with serious off-road capability and a comfortable cabin.

By July 25, 2005

2.5 stars Editors' rating July 25, 2005

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RideNerd determines greenest car

Tesla Model S or Audi A7? Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf? New Web site RideNerd lets you compare cars to find out which are the least harmful to the environment.

By September 17, 2013


Facebook IPO: After the hype, a ho-hummer

One of the most celebrated IPOs in history ended the day below where it started. At Facebook, it's back to business.

By May 18, 2012


Facebook finally closes above IPO price

The social network finishes the week exactly where it started 14 months ago.

By August 2, 2013


After mobile victory, Facebook's stock finally pops

A strong second-quarter earnings report causes a pop that adds back 30 percent in value to Facebook's stock.

By July 25, 2013


Facebook in 2012: 5 ways its IPO changed the social giant

In Facebook time, there is pre-IPO and post-IPO -- and what a difference that one event has made in terms of how Facebook operates.

By December 20, 2012


Mark Zuckerberg

2012 was a year of milestones for the Facebook CEO, who turned 28, got married, and led the biggest IPO in Internet history. Now what?

By December 11, 2012

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Hummer Shake flashlight

Hummer Shake flashlight

By June 28, 2004

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