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It's a fan. It's an umbrella. It's Fanbrella

Thanko wants to keep you cool in humid summer rain with this fan-packing rain protector.

By May 24, 2011


Sunbathing in Vietnam, kind of

To battle the energy crisis, the perpetually humid Ho Chi Minh City is encouraging people to use solar water heaters instead of traditional electrical ones.

By December 16, 2008


Vanishing <i>creme de la creme</i>

NEW YORK--Just as my fedora finally started to dry out after the longest, soggiest San Francisco winter in anyone's memory (I blinked and missed spring altogether), it was time to head out to New York City, where the humidity promptly restored my treasured hat to the consistency of marinated cardboard. It's too hot and way too humid here for my French-Canadian-San-Franciscan blood. By the end of the first day of PC Expo, the Jacob Javitz Center smelled like a pack of wet greyhounds, and my face bore an unsightly patch of pimples.

June 18, 1998