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Mahalo expands human-powered search with paid Answers service

Curated search and content system adds third component: Questions and answers.

By December 15, 2008


Wikia launching human-powered search

A new open-source search engine lets users vote on results.

By January 7, 2008


Human-powered: Biofuel cell converts glucose into electricity

Biofuel cells implanted into live bodies can use glucose and oxygen to generate electricity, and may be powering devices such as artificial organs and prosthetics within the next decade.

By October 17, 2011


New Wikia interface enables search-results apps

Wikia Search releases an interface to let others build miniature applications to spruce up search results.

By October 8, 2008


Mahalo adds user reviews to search site

Jason Calacanis launches My Mahalo, which adds user reviews to its human-powered search site.

By March 19, 2008


ChaCha lets you, literally, ask a question

ChaCha launches voice input feature on human-powered search site for people who don't want to send a text message.

By March 31, 2008


Wikia Search launches the hackable search engine

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales' latest experiment: wiki-style search results. If you do a search on the engine and don't like the results, you'll be able to change them--for everybody.

By June 3, 2008


China warns Google partners: Look for backup

Web sites that use Google search services should seek alternatives in case Google goes through with its decision to stop censoring results, Beijing reportedly cautions.

By March 15, 2010


Is Google's user interface outdated?

Silicon Valley executives say Google isn't doing enough to innovate on its search results pages, especially in an era of near-ubiquitous broadband.

By March 18, 2008


New health site lets the crowd rate treatment effectiveness

CureCrowd aggregates the experiences of others by letting them score the usefulness of various treatments from 0 (no help) to 4 (cured).

By March 13, 2014