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Google cures Chrome security flaws in fresh update

Tech giant highlights four vulnerabilities spotted by external researchers -- one with a $5000 bounty -- in notes on the latest update to its Web browser.

By June 23, 2015


Web security protocol HSTS wins proposed standard status

Web sites complying with the policy will automatically prompt browsers accessing it to always interact with it over a secure connection.

By October 2, 2012


Big brouhaha over Big Bird

week in review Mitt Romney hatches social network backlash while shakeup hits wireless sector. Also: Samsung appeals Apple verdict.

By October 5, 2012


Chrome encrypts Gmail whether you want it or not

Google is a big target for those who want to pry into others' e-mail accounts. The company's browser work is designed to make Gmail harder to hack.

By June 15, 2011


Forcing browsers to use encryption

Chrome and Firefox are or will be using new HTTP Strict Transport Security technology, which allows Web servers to force secure connections with browsers.

By November 15, 2010