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In case you have a Mac and an HSPDA card...

If you've got an HSPDA card for your Mac, upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4.10 will likely kill it. But here's how to fix it.

By July 1, 2007


Telstra unveils six Next G mobile phones

Coinciding with Telstra's launch of NEXT G, an HSPDA-enabled 3G network in Australia that operates in the 850MHz space, is the release of six new mobile handsets

By October 6, 2006


Acer unveils 4.8-inch Android smartphone

In addition to a slew of tablets, Acer introduces a new Android smartphone, rocking a 4.8-inch touch screen.

By November 23, 2010


Cingular and 3G

Cingular and 3G

By October 6, 2005


Nokia E52 keeps going and going

Nokia announces its new E series, the Nokia E52 with a claimed talk time battery life of 8 hours.

By May 6, 2009


Dell Venue Pro has Windows Phone 7, Qwerty keyboard, tedious name

A new smart phone from Dell made its debut at the Windows Phone 7 launch, the Venue Pro, which has a huge screen and an unusual portrait sllider keyboard.

By October 11, 2010


LG Optimus One Navigation Edition on T-Mobile comes with free car kit

T-Mobile is the first company to announce availability of the LG Optimus One, and it's targeting drivers looking for an in-car GPS system that works on their phone.

By September 16, 2010


HTC Desire HD is unveiled, gets Nokia all riled up

HTC unveils the HTC Desire HD to the world, the smart phone successor to the universally loved HTC Desire, and from the sound of it Nokia is a bit worried.

By September 15, 2010


Vodafone launches mobile Wi-Fi, not as good as 3 deal

After a long wait, Vodafone finally offers a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device some will find very useful, but which doesn't beat the current deal offered by the 3 network

By August 17, 2010


Palm and Cingular officially launch Palm Treo 750

Palm and Cingular launch the Palm Treo 750 at CES 2007.

By January 7, 2007