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Intel not joining graphics chip alliance

A group that includes AMD, ARM, and Texas Instruments is trying to tap into the graphics chip's horsepower. Intel isn't interested in the initiative, though.

By June 13, 2012


Popular Mechanics honors breakthrough products

A cutting-edge saw and electric cars are among the 10 innovations the magazine's editors award for solving existing problems in all-new ways.

By September 27, 2010


New York's iPhone line is a shadow of its former self

There's a line, sure, and it stretches to the corner of the next block over. But it pales in comparison to the hordes who camped out for the iPhone last year.

By July 11, 2008


AOL Time Warner loses ISP partner

The media giant says High Speed Access has pulled out of an agreement to offer Internet service on its cable network, citing financial difficulties.

By September 5, 2001


FTC asked to review AOL, Allen link

Consumer groups urge the trade agency to look into the media giant's relationship with High Speed Access--partially owned by Paul Allen--for potential overlaps.

August 1, 2001


High Speed Access customers up 26 percent

High Speed Access (HSA), a cable modem-based broadband Internet service provider, said it has 176,000 customers, an increase of 26 percent from 140,000 subscribers at the end of March. HSA, which is backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has changed its business model in recent months, something the company believes helped its bottom line. The company will report quarterly financial results Aug. 9.

July 16, 2001


AOL strikes third cable ISP deal

AOL Time Warner agrees to carry another Internet service provider over its cable lines, putting it one step closer to offering consumers a high-speed version of its America Online service.

By May 8, 2001


Charter gains on heavy volume after IPO

Stock in Charter Communications, owned by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, adds nearly 20 percent following the company's initial public offering.

By November 9, 1999


Short Take: NorthPoint, High Speed Access sign partnership

NorthPoint Communications, a wholesale provider of high-speed digital subscriber lines (DSL), and High Speed Access (HSA), a cable modem service provider primarily serving rural markets, have signed a strategic partnership. HSA will begin offering NorthPoint DSL later this year as an alternative access technology for small- and medium-sized businesses not served by cable networks.

October 18, 1999


Allen's "wired world" starts to come together

In a move to combine a series of high-speed cable acquisitions and investments, Paul Allen's Vulcan Ventures creates a joint venture to push interactive TV services.

October 4, 1999