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The Gizmo Report: DirecTV's HR21-700 digital video recorder

Glaskowsky reviews the HR21-700 DVR from DirecTV, and compares it with the older Hughes HR10-250 from TiVo.

By March 18, 2008


DirecTV and TiVo: Together again

DirecTV and TiVo have agreed to develop and sell a new TiVo DVR for DirecTV's satellite TV service. This announcement is long overdue, but very welcome.

By September 3, 2008


Clever commercial, Comcast...but you're wrong

Cable company is taken to task over a misleading advertisement about how its high-definition programming compares with that of satellite TV provider DirecTV.

By September 8, 2008


Disappointed with DirecTV

Glaskowsky describes major problems with a DirecTV HDTV upgrade.

By March 12, 2008


Disappointed with DirecTV, part 2

Continuing Glaskowsky's brief but tragic saga of a painful DirecTV equipment upgrade.

By March 14, 2008


DirecTV takes on video-on-demand

DirecTV On Demand, expected this spring, to include content automatically transmitted to DVR and streamed via the Internet to a set-top box.

By March 13, 2008