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Shop smarter on Newegg with Hover Hound

With this extension for Chrome or Firefox, you can easily make price comparisons with Amazon and TigerDirect without leaving the friendly confines of Newegg.

By July 24, 2014


Donald Trump: I've hounded Apple into producing large-screen iPhone

In a tweet that reflects his confident opinion of his power and influence, the TV personality and businessman reveals that his pressure on Apple will soon bear fruit.

By March 24, 2014


SoundHound for Android

If you're looking for an app to help you name that tune, SoundHound is it.

By January 25, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating January 25, 2013

SoundHound names tunes for Android users (pictures)

We take a look at SoundHound, the mobile app with an impressive ability to name tunes and offer related content in a single tap.

5 Images By January 25, 2013


New wave of complaints hound Huawei, ZTE in U.S.

According to one report, the U.S. House Intelligence Committee has received "dozens and dozens" of calls complaining about Huawei and ZTE.

By October 10, 2012


Hound for iPhone, Android is simpler SoundHound

A new free music app does voice search for your favorite bands and artists.

By May 26, 2011


Run! DARPA's LS3 robot mule follows you around

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure to get a BIG surprise. You'll be tracked by this robotic Hound of the Baskervilles from Boston Dynamics.

By September 10, 2012


SoundHound for iPhone channels iTunes, recommends beats

Now when you "tag" a tune on the comprehensive SoundHound app, you'll also get a list of suggestions for other songs you'll like.

By March 2, 2011


Dyson Groom lets you hoover your hound

If you really like to pamper your pooch, then it's time to hoover your hound -- the Dyson Groom will keep your moulting mutt looking its best.

9 Images By November 4, 2010


Find a lost or stolen iPhone with iHound

Thanks to iOS 4, this iPhone-tracking app can now run in the background. That means you'll have a much easier time recovering a lost or stolen device.

By July 14, 2010