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Workshop teaches kids to hot-wire cars

Real-world applications of mechanics reinforce concepts, but this workshop teaches kids life skills normally picked up only on the streets.

By January 19, 2011


Hotwire teams up with TripIt

Online travel site Hotwire has partnered with TripIt to bring itinerary tracking to its service. Users will also be able to access TripIt's premium Pro package from the site.

By September 30, 2009


The ultimate DIY hot-wired home

Jonathan Oxer's entire domestic life is a proof of concept of software-controllable electronic gadgetry, from the Ethernet-enabled, Second Life-compatible mailbox to the RFID chip in his arm.

By February 14, 2008


InterActiveCorp grabs onto Hotwire

The company formerly known as USA Interactive expands its online travel empire with the $685 million acquisition of Hotwire, a site that offers discounted hotel rates and airfares.

By September 22, 2003


Regulators fine Hotwire over ads

The Department of Transportation fines the online travel company $50,000 and orders it to cease running certain radio commercials in question.

October 7, 2002


Hotwire double-bills customers

update A "small minority" of the online travel company's customers were charged twice for items over the weekend because of a technology glitch.

September 25, 2002


Delta flying away with Hotwire

The long-time Priceline stalwart has started selling tickets on rival Hotwire, an airline-backed discount travel site.

August 28, 2002


American Trans Air blasts Hotwire ads

American Trans Air has filed a complaint with the Department of Transportation against Hotwire, asserting that a national radio advertisement the online travel agency aired was deceptive and unfair. ATA, one of the nation's top 10 carriers, has asked that the department bring enforcement proceedings against Hotwire, according to a message posted to its Web site, ATA.com. According to an ATA statement, Hotwire "blatantly attacks ATA's integrity and trustworthiness." In Hotwire's radio ads, pedestrians are asked to compare fares from their favorite online sites with those of Hotwire. In the ad in question, a woman says that she would be reluctant to choose an ATA fare because she was unfamiliar with the company.

By May 8, 2002


Cendant strikes partnership with Hotwire

The company, which owns an assortment of travel, hotel and real estate companies, forms an agreement to book hotel rooms via discount travel site Hotwire.

By February 19, 2002


Hotwire to announce return to normal sales

Discount travel site Hotwire is expected to announce Thursday that sales levels have returned to what they were before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., the company said. Most Web travel agencies have said that their sales are approaching normal levels, but they have yet to fully recover. Backed by some of the top airlines, Hotwire is an opaque travel site that deals in deeply discounted fares but hides the name of the carrier and departure time until the fare is paid for. In a down economy, consumers are more price-conscious than ever and analysts have said that discount travel sites could recover quicker than retail agencies, such as Orbitz, Travelocity.com and Expedia. But the lull in business caused by the terrorist attacks affected most travel companies. Last month, the San Francisco-based company laid off about 10 percent of its staff in a cost-cutting move.

By October 31, 2001