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A VPN debate: WiTopia and HotSpotVPN

Comments from the head of each company about their services.

By March 15, 2008


CNET to the Rescue: Four girls walk into a hot spot...

So your daughter is at college borrowing a Wi-Fi signal from the boys downstairs. What could go wrong? We explain, and solve. Also: Replace the expiring XMarks and watching a Parrot AR.Drone fall from the sky.

By September 29, 2010


More about VPNs: Price and Trust

A follow-up to a prior posting on Virtual Private Networks examines pricing, the services and the issue of trust.

By March 14, 2008


Defending against insecure hotel networks with a VPN

Use a virtual private network to protect yourself when connecting to the Internet from your hotel room.

By February 18, 2008