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View and edit most graphics formats simply and quickly.

4 stars Editors' rating on Apr 17, 2014
4.5 stars Users' rating out of 3545 reviews
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77,327,338 total downloads
67,188 last week


Play virtually any media file in open-source cross-platform multimedia player.

3 stars Editors' rating on Jun 23, 2014
4 stars Users' rating out of 147 reviews
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21,132,457 total downloads
15,854 last week


Automate repetitive tasks by creating macros and hotkeys for your mouse, keyboard, and joystick.

3.5 stars Editors' rating on Apr 2, 2015
4.5 stars Users' rating out of 181 reviews
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322,087 total downloads
607 last week

Revealer Keylogger Free

Monitor every keystroke on your system.

3 stars Editors' rating on May 19, 2014
3 stars Users' rating out of 42 reviews
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9,267 last week


Use your iPad as a way to enter key shortcuts to a Mac application.

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HotKeys controls your Mac from your iPadHotKeys can send Shortcuts to your make, download or create your own.It's a pain having to remember...

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Eliminate repetitive typing and manage frequently used text snippets.

4.5 stars Editors' rating on Jul 22, 2014
4 stars Users' rating out of 166 reviews
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386,764 total downloads
3,938 last week

Auto Clicker by Shocker

Configure your mouse to autoclick.

4.5 stars Editors' rating on Aug 12, 2012
3 stars Users' rating out of 7 reviews
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546,834 total downloads
1,814 last week

Debut Pro Edition

Record videos with audio from your screen or take screenshots easily on your PC.

3.5 stars Editors' rating on Oct 30, 2014
3 stars Users' rating out of 165 reviews
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1,255,646 total downloads
891 last week

Flash Movie Player

Enhance and play SWF files.

5 stars Editors' rating on Feb 27, 2009
3.5 stars Users' rating out of 76 reviews
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Rocket League receives substantial patch

Find out what's new and what's changing here in patch 1.05.

By September 10, 2015


Waiting for Project Ara phones? Check out the Nexpaq modular case

Loving the idea of modular devices? This Kickstarter project brings a dozen hot-swappable modules to certain Apple and Android handsets you already own.

By May 6, 2015


Use Bartender to turbocharge your Mac's menu bar

The Bartender app adds a menu bar to the menu bar, which allows you to keep some items hidden from view but still easily accessible.

By January 10, 2015


My five favorite free Windows utilities

Whenever I set up a new PC, these are the first programs I install.

By October 15, 2014


Restore Save As functionality in Lion with hot-key shortcuts

While Lion is missing the Save As feature, you can restore it to an extent using custom hot keys.

By June 4, 2012


Getting started with NotesTab Pro note-taking app

This simple, cross-platform note-taking app works works with OS X, iOS, and Windows 8.

By August 6, 2014


Firefox extension modifies click behavior of Ctrl, Alt, Shift keys

Or Command, Option, and Shift keys on OS X.

By May 9, 2014


FrogPad launches the FrogPad 2 one-handed keyboard

FrogPad has launched the successor to its one-handed keyboard, a streamlined Bluetooth device that offers a complete range of keyboard functions with just 27 keys.

By January 5, 2014


OS X Dock tricks you may not have encountered

The Dock and some of its features and functions can be accessed in non-standard ways which are sometimes more convenient.

By December 5, 2013


Overcome an inability to load to the OS X recovery HD partition

If you cannot seem to load the OS X Recovery HD partition to use various diagnostics and repair tools, the fix may be quick, but could also require a longer reinstallation.

By August 6, 2013