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Seat Leon Cupra: Hothead Hatchback

The Seat Leon is one of XCAR's favourite hatchbacks. How is it when raised to Cupra level?

July 17, 2014


NASA's dazzling photo of a star factory in a serpent

NASA image of the Serpens Cloud Core turns invisible light into a beautiful portrait of a place where stars, like ours, are born.

By May 30, 2014


Subvert the HR department with Workscore

New system lets your peers write your resume for you.

By September 8, 2009


Under the Radar: gaming in your browser

Adobe Flash has made videos go from something that required an annoying installation to something that loads up right in your browser.

By June 28, 2007


Driving under the influence of Web maps

No winners, only a loser in a terribly unofficial driving direction contest. Photos: Guided by Web maps

By October 7, 2005


Routing's rock star

Tony Li helped develop some of the most sophisticated Internet Protocol routers in the world for Cisco and Juniper. Now he's ready to dish on his ex-employers.

By June 17, 2004