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This week in Crave: The geek chic edition

This week, a computer may have caught us faking a smile, but excavating our childhood "Star Trek" memorabilia and finding a way to experience the Samsung Galaxy S III on an S II gave us lots to be happy about.

By May 26, 2012


Science-y love blooms into 250-tulip proposal

True love flowers at Cornell University as a horticultural-minded grad student digs in deep to plant a colorful marriage proposal.

By May 24, 2012


Tech-tastic flowerpot makes pro growing a cinch

Houseplants don't last long in the average geek household but as with most problems, tech can come to the rescue.

By November 13, 2011


Get a $220 software bundle for $19, help charity

AppSumo's Windows Holiday Bundle includes some seriously sweet goodies (PlayOn, Plants Vs. Zombies), and 40 percent of the proceeds go to Charity:Water.

By December 20, 2010


The biofuel factor in rising food prices

Biofuel gets a bad rap when it comes to the surging cost of food around the globe. It's just one small part of a larger problem.

By April 15, 2008


From Japan, a flower that flatters

The Communication Flower talks when you touch it.

By November 28, 2006


Bring nature into...the shower?

Bathroom prototype surrounds you with plants.

By November 6, 2006