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The Horse Boy: A Father's Quest to Heal His Son by Rupert Isaacson

The Horse Boy: A Father's Quest to Heal His Son Rupert Isaacson Little, Brown and Company April 14, 2009 When his son Rowan was diagnosed with...

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The Return of the Dead by Thomas Wise - ZyngRule ebook

Then as he stood by the maiden's grave, The gallant young noble cried: "O would to God beneath the sod I were lying by her side!" INGEBORG'S...


Google Street View's Horse-Boy makes dramatic reappearance

After four years underground, the mysterious half boy, half horse is suddenly spotted far from his original Scotland.

By June 4, 2014


Google Street View's 'horse-boy' mystery

A man with the head of a horse appears on Google Street View in Scotland. Many are trotting out suggestions as to who or what this might be.

By June 24, 2010


Teen ends relationship like he memes it, becomes Web hero

Kane Zipperman's girlfriend cheated on him, but wants him back. His posting of their exchange is less communication and more a certain art. But is it real?

By June 5, 2014


Beats advertises Apple (surprise)

The new World Cup epic for Beats features Brazilian soccer star Neymar and his gold iPhone 5S.

By June 5, 2014


Speeders beware: This cop car's a race car

UK police force decides the best way to combat speeding is to co-opt an Ariel Atom, which goes from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and is surely the world's fastest cop car.

By June 5, 2014


Google Street View driver arrested by Thai villagers

Residents of Sa-eab village in northern Thailand are suspicious of a Street View driver's intentions. So, they make a citizen's arrest.

By August 15, 2013


Google's Schmidt apologizes for latest weird non-joke

Having suggested on CNN that if you don't like Google Street View taking pictures of your house, you should just move, Google CEO Eric Schmidt says he misspoke.

By October 26, 2010


Italy vs. Google--from Street View to street theater?

editor's notebook Italian officials are demanding that Google give people in that country three-days warning before siccing the Street View cameras on them. You can cook up a lot of tableaux in three days.

By October 23, 2010


Google Street View 'dead body' mystery solved

What appeared to be the corpse of a young girl lying on the sidewalk in Worcester, U.K., turns out to be a very much alive young girl playing a prank on a friend.

By August 12, 2010


Mom rails at Google over Street View pic of naked toddler

A woman discovers that Street View cameras captured her 3-year-old son naked in his grandmother's garden. She claims it is an invitation to pedophiles.

By June 30, 2010