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Mozilla turns Firefox Android homepage into content hub

The latest Firefox for Android beta focuses on developer tools, but one could have big ramifications by turning the browser's homepage into a platform called Firefox Hub.

By June 12, 2014


Sky+ HD boxes get tasty new homepage from today

Sky's giving its programme guide and apps a new lease of life with a smart TV-style homepage, rolling out to customers from today.

By March 18, 2014


Google Now set for Google homepage, leaked code suggests

Google Now could be jazzing up your Google homepage -- like iGoogle of old -- if leaked code is any guide.

By April 23, 2013


Feed me: eBay rolls out new homepage to all users

The e-commerce giant unveils a site redesign that includes a feature, dubbed Feed, that curates a user's favorite items on a personalized page and displays them in a setup similar to Pinterest.

By February 19, 2013


Amazon suffers some homepage glitches

Users visiting the online retail giant's welcome page may find the connection spotty. Fear not, you can still go shopping via its internal links.

By January 31, 2013


Apple accused of hiding Samsung apology on UK homepage

Reddit users have noted Apple is using JavaScript on its UK website to conceal its apology to Samsung.

By November 4, 2012


Google's Nexus 7 tablet pops up in rare home-page ad

Google is actually touting a product on its home page, which is traditionally free of advertisements.

By August 28, 2012


What do you think of the new BBC homepage?

The BBC's new homepage is live in a beta version, and it's a rather spiffy tiled affair. But is it any cop? We want your views.

By September 21, 2011


MySpace homepage goes down

Despite suggestions the site might have been the victim of hacking, MySpace was merely down for a while this evening.

By August 12, 2011


MySpace homepage goes down

Visitors to the social-networking site are greeted by a message about bad code and puppies and kittens.

By August 11, 2011