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App of the Day: Homage

Explore the beautiful photography of Australian artist Alexia Sinclair.

By June 11, 2012


Facebook's new photo viewer an homage to Google+

The world's largest social network now shows images on the left side of the screen and comments and basic information to the right of the picture.

By February 8, 2012


Cut the Birds: Angry Birds homage, parody, or rip-off?

This iOS game is free, so perhaps it doesn't matter. What does matter is that it's fun--at least for a while--even if not the least bit original.

By October 31, 2011


'Godzilla' in 8-bit: A beast of a retro good time

This homage to our favorite giant kaiju and actor Bryan Cranston may be better than the 2014 "Godzilla" movie itself.

By September 10, 2014


Fan creates adorable animated tribute to 'Doctor Who'

Animator pays homage to the Doctor and his companions in this fan-made trailer for "The Animated Adventures Of Doctor Who." Even the Daleks are cute!

By August 14, 2014


MP3 player pays homage to Zippo

It's designed to look like the iconic lighter but can't get a flame.

By May 20, 2008


An homage to the man behind 'Dungeons & Dragons'

Let's take a moment to thank Gary Gygax for the game that kept a generation of geeky kids entertained before everyone had home computers.

By March 4, 2008


Porsche unveils homage to 1960s racer

Boxter RS 60 Spyder will be homage to classic Spyder that brought victory in the 1960s.

By November 27, 2007


Oprah to pay homage to YouTube

Sharing a couch with one of the world's most influential women is proof the video-sharing site is now a mainstream icon.

By November 5, 2007


Brooklyn artist inspired by audio gear

Keil Borrman's abstract paintings were conceived as an homage to the very best local hi-fi manufacturers' gear. The Audiophiliac takes a look.

By April 29, 2014