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Grand Theft Auto fans push for ban on the Bible

After Target and Kmart in Australia decide to stop stocking the game, fans of Grand Theft Auto demand that the Bible is also banned as it is misogynistic.

By December 7, 2014


Does Bible Belt love porn as much as the godless do?

Figures provided by popular site PornHub suggest that those who live in allegedly more religious communities enjoy as much online release as the allegedly godless.

By May 25, 2013


Path invites apps to the private party with expanded API

The private social network opens up to allow users to share updates from more than a dozen camera and fitness applications.

By August 12, 2013


School cafeteria's palm scanner is 'mark of beast,' says parent

An elementary school in Louisiana introduces a palm scanner to help kids pay more quickly for their lunch. Parents are seriously freaked. Seriously.

By August 19, 2012


Ask Maggie: 5 smartphone apps to try before the rapture

In this week's installment, Maggie Reardon suggests which smartphones apps to try before Judgment Day on Saturday. And she gives some serious advice to a Verizon Wireless subscriber looking for a new smartphone.

By May 20, 2011


First impressions of a 'Star Trek' virgin

CNET News' Caroline McCarthy went into an advance screening of the new "Star Trek" prequel barely knowing what a Vulcan is. Can a total newbie enjoy this film? Heck, yes.

By April 22, 2009


Bricking it: How stud subculture reminded me of the awesomeness of Lego

In a surefire sign that I'm getting old, I dimly thought today's Lego wasn't as good. But what the brick do I know? I've stumbled into a fully formed subculture

By April 1, 2008


The iPod and God

By August 13, 2005