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Facebook's Plan B: New ads in News Feed

The social network, currently under pressure to grow revenue, is now letting advertisers run a more familiar, albeit less holistic, ad type in the News Feed.

By March 26, 2013


CEO: PlayStation Network growth recovers after hack

Howard Stringer is bullish about the PSN's new membership, defiant about his tablet rivalry with Apple, and happy with the company's holistic product approach.

By August 31, 2011


Eventbrite brings Square-like reader to event ticketing

By giving event organizers an all-in-one box office offering, complete with iPad app and dongle, the company wants to provide 'holistic' data to help those planning events.

By March 20, 2012


Yahoo now targets ads based on search behavior

The Internet pioneer is blending some aspects of search and display advertising, a move that reinforces the new CEO's views of the company's holistic strengths.

By February 24, 2009


Design (thinker) hubris?

From Apple to Target -- the understanding of design as holistic innovation driver and change agent has long become business mainstream.

By January 13, 2008


Interaction design is not about computing technology

There is universal acceptance of a holistic approach to human centered design within this community - generally referred to as 'experience design' (not my preferred term). This approach considers all of the contexts surrounding use and then tries to build

By February 15, 2009


The Kinect had to go -- the GamePad might as well

Commentary: Microsoft saw it could boost sales by unbundling the Kinect. Nintendo might gain from a similar strategy.

By May 18, 2014


Steam races ahead of Xbox Live with 65 million accounts

Valve has announced a 30 per cent increase in user accounts in the last 12 months, skyrocketing ahead of Xbox Live.

By October 30, 2013


Design Council: Design vs. styling

Ask automotive designers what the requirements are for someone in their position and you won't hear the word "styling." In fact, the word has such negative connotations it's probably long been removed from their lexicon.

By October 26, 2013