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Pro golfer plays 18 holes using a golf cart jetpack (Tomorrow Daily 394)

Olympic golfer Bubba Watson shows off an impractical future golf cart. Also, robot DURUS takes some humanlike steps (complete with fancy sneakers).

By July 20, 2016


​Google pays $550,000 to people who found security holes in Android

For the Android Security Rewards program's second year, Google is significantly increasing reward payments.

By June 17, 2016


Bolivia pecks holes in Bill Gates' offer to donate thousands of chickens

The philanthropic billionaire wants to give 100,000 hens to countries that need them -- but Bolivia's rural development minister wants no part of it.

By June 16, 2016


When black holes collide: Scientists find second set of gravitational waves

For the second time, scientists have detected gravitational waves emanating from a collision between two black holes.

By June 15, 2016


A sack lunch for a black hole looks like a spectacular smorgasbord

Astronomers' observations of a distant black hole challenge the assumption that the mysterious voids prefer to dine exclusively on hot meals.

By June 9, 2016


Pen caps have holes because we filthy humans will gnaw on anything

In today's edition of Saturday science. we bring you this: holes in pen caps help prevent choking deaths by creating a small passageway for air to slip through.

By May 7, 2016


John Boyega goes down the rabbit hole in new BBC-Netflix 'Watership Down' series

Nicholas Hoult and James McAvoy will also voice bunnies in the animated adaptation of the classic rabbit-based children's story.

By April 28, 2016


Physics whizzes create 'black hole' to stop urinal splash-back

Aiming to keep khakis clean of urine droplets, a team of researchers turn to moss to develop an insert that will grab more pee.

By November 30, 2015


Huge scientific breakthrough and a big hole in Windows patched

Researchers find a new way to observe the universe. Meanwhile, Microsoft issued an update that fixes a major flaw in Windows.

By February 13, 2016


Guardians of the Galaxy are set to break out of Disney's California Adventure Park

Disney is getting its own, special "bunch of a-holes" in real life.

By July 23, 2016