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Wired at the Western Wall, where smartphones heighten the holy

Even the ancient city of Jerusalem has been transformed by tech, as visitors to holy sites turn to mobile devices to reach out to God.

By August 26, 2014


Road Trip Pic of the Day, 6/20/14: What is this?

If you know what today's picture is, you could be eligible to win a prize in the CNET Road Trip Picture of the Day contest.

By June 20, 2014


Indian government said to secretly track Web activity

The Indian government reportedly deploys Lawful Intercept and Monitoring systems to track Internet activities of citizens, separate from similar systems used by telcos in the government's Central Monitoring System project.

By September 9, 2013


Indian police arrest student for a political Facebook post

After a medical student writes a mild message of protest on the social network, she is arrested for hate speech. She has now become the symbol of the country's intolerance of free speech.

By November 20, 2012


Sony 'Yuga' flaunts 5-inch 1080p screen in leaked pics

A new Sony phone has surfaced online -- this 5-inch behemoth is tipped to sport a 12-megapixel camera, among other treats.

By November 8, 2012


Five social media lessons from @BubbaWatson, Masters champ

What I've learned about social media from Bubba Watson, winner of this year's Masters golf tournament.

By April 14, 2012


Mobile phones banned for Indian women as Kuwait bans dSLR cameras

Religious leaders in northern India have banned unmarried women from using mobile phones, while large cameras have been banned in Kuwait.

By November 25, 2010


Robot orchestra to rock world music in L.A.

Karmetik Machine Orchestra is a group of robot and human musicians based at CalArts that blends electronic and world music. Check out their unusual grooves.

By May 5, 2010


Dead Xbox 360 returns as roboman

Not content to say goodbye to his deceased Xbox 360 forever, Jasper Stevens took it apart and made it into an awesome little robot sculpture.

By March 4, 2010


Did iPod save girl struck by lightning?

A teen is struck by lightning but escapes with only minor injuries possibly because her iPod headphones diverted the electricity away from her body.

By June 19, 2009