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Zuckerberg's FWD.us to Calif. leaders: Fix 'broken' immigration system now

The political action group, which has a special interest in obtaining visas for high-skilled workers, hopes to force a vote on immigration reform this year.

By May 2, 2014


US government reaches 85,000 H-1B visa cap in one week

As Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants lobby the government for more high-skilled worker visas, immigration officials say they’ve received too many applications for this coming year.

By April 7, 2014


Short Take: Skilled immigrant bill stalled

Legislation to provide visas for high-skilled foreigners to work in this country was pulled from consideration on the House floor Friday after the White House warned of a possible veto, the Associated Press reported. The White House has made clear that it won't approve of an expansion of the visa program without new protections for U.S. workers.

August 3, 1998


Short Take: Bill to increase visa quota for skilled foreign workers approved

Urged on by the computer industry, the House immigration subcommittee has approved a bill to temporarily increase the annual visa quota for high-skilled foreign professionals, according to the Associated Press. The bill was faulted by both Democrats and Republicans for failing to earmark money to train U.S. workers to fill the high-tech jobs employers say they currently need foreigners to perform.

May 1, 1998