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Seagate's SSDs to be powered by DensBit's Memory Modem controller

Seagates announces a strategic agreement for development of low-cost,high-performance solid-state drives for both consumer and enterprise markets.

By June 25, 2012


New P4 chipset sneaks into market

PC makers begin quietly selling machines based on a combination of double data rate memory and Intel's new high-performance versions of the Pentium 4.

By December 18, 2001


Short Takes: Infineon readies DDR memory chips

Infineon Technologies announced it has started to produce sample versions of its 256-Mbit Double Data Rate (DDR) synchronous DRAM(SDRAM) memory chips. The 256-Mbit DDR SDRAMs are available in the PC200 standard as well as in the faster PC266A and PC266B speed versions. "We will ramp our DDR production volume in close contact with our customers as the server and workstation market and the performance desktop PC market each embrace the low-cost, high-performance benefits of DDR." said Harald Eggers, Infineon senior vice president.

By April 10, 2000


Short Take: Samsung releases $199 laser printer

Samsung is releasing its first $199 laser printer. The ML-4500, which is designed for homes and small businesses, has a real resolution of 600 dpi and prints eight pages per minute. It has also a 35-MHz, high-performance RISC processor and a 2MB memory capacity. "The Samsung ML-4500 offers...high-quality laser printing at a price...comparable to that of an inkjet printer," said Harry Otto, director of Samsung's office automation division.

By September 7, 2000


Short Take: Dell offers new 48-month purchase plan

Dell will add a 48-month purchase option for PCs and peripherals to its flexible payment plan. Dell will offer a system for $27 a month with a 400-MHz Celeron processor, 32MB of memory, a 4.3 GB hard drive and a 15-inch monitor. A high-performance Dell Dimension PC-- with an Intel Pentium III processor with 550 MHz, 128 MB of memory, a 13.6 GB hard drive, and a 17-inch monitor--will cost $70 a month.

June 10, 1999


Asian chip vendors offer Intel alternative

Eleven major chip makers establish a consortium to develop a high-performance microprocessor integrating both memory and processing functions, to compete with Intel.

By January 21, 1997