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Sony to stop making MiniDisc stereos in March

Sony has announced it'll stop making and selling MiniDisc stereos next month, so it's the end of an era.

By February 2, 2013


Sony MZ-DH10P Hi-MD Walkman

Pat Houston takes a quick look at the Sony MZ-DH10P Hi-MD Walkman.

May 22, 2008


Android Atlas Weekly 63: The show where we ask, "Why?" (Podcast)

Prime, Vigor and Jetstream what are they? We'll tell you that and a whole lot more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

By August 31, 2011


Sony to stop producing MiniDisc Walkman devices

With demand drying up, Sony will shutter production of its last MiniDisc Walkman later this year.

By July 8, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1458: With our data comes great responsibility (Podcast)

Dear every company on earth who's apparently selling our data to anyone who will buy it and/or collecting it in fat, juicy databases that are like candy to hackers: can you just, like, try to be a tiny bit more careful? And maybe we will, too? Ok, thanks, great. Verizon's LTE service is creeping back after an unexplained outage, Barnes and Noble hits back at Microsoft, calling its patent infringement lawsuits little more than extortion, and an enterprising teen-ager honors our fallen soldiers with a digital record of all the graves at Arlington. Now that is a hero.

By April 28, 2011


Android Atlas Weekly 39: Trojans and tablets (podcast)

Hackers unlock Google Music Sync service and the Motorola Atrix 4G's webtop interface. Motorola announces that it'll upgrade your hacked Xoom. Meanwhile, the Android Market's trojan app fiasco gets much more complex with the announcement of a malicious version of Google's own Android Security Tool. All of that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly with Justin Eckhouse and Antuan Goodwin.

By March 10, 2011


Gadgettes 185: The Keeping Our Lids on Tight Episode (podcast)

After years and years of failed coffee mugs, we decide to air out the dirt on the ones that suck... and possibly even cover a few things that could be considered "technology" too.

By May 27, 2010


Whatever happened to...? The tech that never took off

Whatever happened to MiniDisc, SPOT and the first iTunes phone? They were hyped to the heavens, yet they never hit the heights. We salute ten technologies that never took off

By November 10, 2009


BOL 1079: Bing's still pooping his diapers

There's a little panic over the fact that Bing's market share dropped last month, but you have to remember folks, Bing is young. Rafe puts it in perspective for us. Also Kindle gets a price cut and goes worldwide, yo. That's big.

By October 7, 2009

Editors' Take

Sony MZ-RH10 Hi-MD Walkman

This MiniDisc player from Sony really plays MP3s.

By March 1, 2005

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