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Former Facebook competitor Hi5 gets bought

Once a dominant social network along with Facebook and Myspace, the social gaming site has been acquired by Tagged for an undisclosed amount.

By December 14, 2011


Hi5 to support Facebook games

The social network-turned-gaming site has modified its APIs so that applications built on Facebook's platform can be transported over with minimal developer muscle.

By March 2, 2010


Webware 100 winner: Hi5

Webware 100 winner: Hi5

By May 19, 2009


Hi5 launches virtual-gift emporium

Much like Facebook's, the Hi5 gift shop allows members to give one another virtual items for a fee. A total of 36 gifts, many with a Latin American cultural bent, are available at launch.

By December 10, 2008


Hi5 translations go live

The social network is now available in several Spanish dialects as well as Danish, Slovakian, Hindi, and a number of others.

By October 2, 2008


What Hi5 Networks' PostgreSQL installation tells us about Web 2.0 and open source

Most Web 2.0 companies still think they need to go it alone on open-source IT. Hi5 just demonstrated why they're wrong.

By September 23, 2008


Hi5 goes mobile: It's a bigger deal than you think

San Francisco-based company is most popular in Latin America, where it's more likely that a social-network user will own a cell phone than a PC.

By August 26, 2008


EMI sues Hi5, VideoEgg over user-uploaded videos

Record label defends copyrights of songs from the Spice Girls, Roxette, and other pop stars of yesteryear, claiming "massive and blatant" infringement by Hi5 users.

By June 28, 2008


Hi5 gives high-five to OpenSocial Foundation with developer platform launch

The social network, which is most popular in a number of Latin American countries, opens up the developer floodgates for its OpenSocial-compatible platform.

By March 31, 2008


Ep. 1033: Where we break records with Katie Linendoll

Katie Linendoll drops by for her second appearance, and this time we're talking about women in tech, breaking the hi-five world record, Kickstarter as a viable start for your invention, and geek fashion.

By April 16, 2012