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Readers' hi-fi and home theater systems (photos)

A tasty selection of our readers' systems. There's some awesome looking gear out there!

10 Images By January 21, 2012


Photos: Hands-on with the Philips MCM906 hi-fi

We're rocking IFA here in Berlin, and we've just finished playing with Philips's new MCM906 valve-based hi-fi -- the flagship model in its new Heritage series

By August 28, 2008


Photos: Hands-on with Denon's CX3 high-end miniature hi-fi

Denon's beautiful high-end miniature hi-fi setup, the CX3, is in our hands being loved and squeezed. This nearly £3,000 system might be over your budget, but in our opinion, it's worth selling body parts to get hold of

By November 5, 2007


iPod Hi-Fi has big-sounding ambitions

Jobs says Apple's new stereo system will replace his speakers. But where does it really fit? Photos: iPod Hi-Fi is not alone Video: iPod goes Hi-Fi

By February 28, 2006


Photos: Panasonic RP-HX50 travel headphones

These ultra-compact on-ear headphones are aimed at the traveller, and for £30 they won't be breaking many banks. But are such small cans capable of delivering the hi-fi sound they boast?

By March 28, 2008