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Wozniak: Demon typist

At the Homebrew Computer Club's 30th anniversary party, Steve Wozniak reminisces about writing hexadecimal codes. Former club president Lee Felsenstein and club member Allen Baum then praise Woz as the world's fastest code typer.

November 1, 2007


Learn the difference between Goldenrod and Corn Field with Name That Color

Have you ever known exactly what color you wanted to use but had trouble describing it to another person? Name That Color lets you pick a color, then offers you its name, hexadecimal value, and RGB settings.

By September 7, 2007


Scarcity triggers new restrictions on obtaining Internet addresses

The US and Canada are down to their last 16.7 million Net addresses with today's IPv4 Internet technology. Scarcity is pushing Internet service providers to the next-gen IPv6.

By April 23, 2014


LinkedIn: We see no security breach... so far

The company's initial investigation hasn't yet turned up any breach of security in its systems related to the reported hacking of millions of user passwords. Which could be worrying in itself.

By June 6, 2012


How to fix exclamation marks on your AirPort menu bar icon

Some routers require passwords in a particular format. Users may find that after entering a password for a WEP Internet connection, their AirPort menu bar icon shows an exclamation mark.

By December 13, 2010


Colorblind Assistant, can you help me? (eyes-on)

To color-blind CNET copy editor Jeff Sparkman, different shades look alike or just altogether wrong, which makes it hard to delineate colors on his monitor. Can this little program make things easier?

By April 18, 2012


Use the Calculator to reveal a Mac's firmware password

In Mac systems prior to 2011, you can uncover the Mac's firmware password using the Calculator's ability to manipulate binary numbers.

By September 27, 2012


Tip: Use stylesheets to customize web page behavior

Cascading style sheets (CSS) are extensively used in websites to apply styling properties to specific HTML tags or categorized classes and tag IDs. This is why on many sites you will see items like links appear in custom colors instead of the default underlined blue text. In Safari you can easily include a user-supplied style sheet in which you can set custom styles for web pages that do not already have styles assigned for tags, allowing you to customize link colors and cursor behaviors, just to name a few.

By May 4, 2010


Deal of the day: Nerd shirts for $5

NerdyShirts.com selling select T-shirts for a quarter of the usual price.

By June 29, 2007


Civil disobedience hits Digg

Digg surrenders to its user base of self-anointed Robin Hoods.

By May 1, 2007