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Why 'outdated' Turing test is no longer the gold standard of AI

A chatbot pretending to be a 13-year-old boy recently passed the famous artificial intelligence test, its creators claim. But does Turing's test really tell us anything about AI?

By June 10, 2014


Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets Jelly Bean despite Apple ban

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has disappeared from Google's online shop -- but it's coming back stronger with Jelly Bean on board.

By July 6, 2012


Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned in US, joins Galaxy Tab

Apple has won an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US, days after it got Samsung's tablet banned.

By June 30, 2012


Judea Pearl named 2011 winner of Turing Award

UCLA professor cited for pioneering work in extending our understanding of artificial intelligence

By March 15, 2012


Trend Micro gambles on 'in the cloud' technology

In response to rapidly changing malware, one antivirus vendor is looking to real-time lookup of known and unknown samples.

By June 18, 2008


McAfee makes SanDisk's thumb drive picky about data

New SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise thumb drive that comes with built-in virus protection.

By October 21, 2008


Secunia exploits security suites flaws

A nontraditional test using exploits instead of malware shows that traditional security suites fail.

By October 15, 2008


Security Bites 105: Does antivirus protection matter?

Eva Chen, co-founder and CEO of Trend Micro, talks with Robert Vamosi about new threats and new antivirus protection.

By June 27, 2008


Open-source anti-virus -- the silent killer

By the time an open-source anti-virus developer finishes his doughnut, you'll be more infected than a teenager in an STI walk-in clinic

By December 12, 2007


Corporate bank accounts targeted in online fraud

Small and medium-size businesses, governments, and school districts are targets of online bank fraud involving malicious e-mails, key loggers, and money mules, FBI says.

By November 3, 2009