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Twitter investigating cause of vanishing tweets

Tweets from several accounts have disappeared, including Ellen DeGeneres' record-setting selfie from the Oscars.

By Mar. 25, 2014


Alleged Silk Road creator indicted on 'kingpin' charges

Ross Ulbricht, who allegedly went by "Dread Pirate Roberts" and operated the black market drug site, is charged with hacking, money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and operating a criminal enterprise.

By Feb. 4, 2014


Too soon! A Twitter backlash over LeVar Burton's Philip Seymour Hoffman 'joke'

The actor has been inspiring Crave's Eric Mack since he was a young geek. This week, not so much.

By Feb. 4, 2014


Alleged bank robbers' Google search: 'What happens if you rob bank?'

Police say that three people charged in Massachusetts with robbing a bank left behind some very interesting searches on a computer.

By Oct. 16, 2013


Silk Road drug busts multiply, eight new people arrested

A handful of alleged drug dealers that hawked their goods on the online black market bazaar have been arrested in the US, UK, and Sweden.

By Oct. 8, 2013


Bitcoin hits record exchange values with Cyprus banking crisis

The peer-to-peer virtual currency is up nearly 350 percent in the past two months, thanks largely to uncertainty in Europe's banking community.

By Mar. 28, 2013


Thief urinates on transformer, gets burns, jail

A copper thief is jailed for a year after he and an accomplice drain conductors at a sub-station of oil and he then urinates against the transformer, causing an explosion.

By Feb. 20, 2012


Court: Cops can read suspect's texts, spring text trap

Washington state ruling means text messages sent to a friend are not private because people know they're stored on smartphones.

By Jul. 5, 2012


Is protecting intellectual property from cyberthieves futile?

Experts gathering to discuss intellectual-property theft say that a fix will require the application of economic sanctions, not just more technology.

By May. 23, 2013


Tracking drug addicts to identify, avoid hot spots

To better identify the lifestyle and location patterns of drug users, researchers equip addicts in Baltimore with GPS units and PDAs to trace points of drug use.

By Apr. 21, 2010