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Hermes iPad 2 cases cost more than the iPads

Would you consider paying a heart-stopping $1,400 for an iPad case? Well, OK, but it is leather.

By Mar. 22, 2011


Photos: Cingular 8525 (a.k.a. HTC Hermes)

The Cingular 8525 (a.k.a. HTC Hermes) has generated its fair share of buzz in recent months and with good reason. It's the carrier's first 3G-enabled smart phone, and it's fast. Check out the photos here.

11 Images By Nov. 6, 2006


Apple's Jony Ive to design a single Leica

The famous consumer-electronics designer will create a limited-edition version of the M.

By Sep. 18, 2012


China to curtail trademark trolls

China says it will make a greater effort to stamp out companies such as Proview, which sued Apple earlier this year for the use of the iPad name.

By Dec. 24, 2012


10 crushworthy watches at Baselworld 2013

If you fancy gorgeous designs, intricate movements, or off-the-wall concepts, there's something for all tastes at the annual Swiss watch fair.

By Apr. 24, 2013


40 percent of world's top brands already on Instagram

The young photo-sharing service counts nearly half of the Interbrand 100 among its active users, according to a new study.

By Aug. 8, 2012


New Leica shoots the world in black and white

Among a host of pricey new products announced today, Leica introduced a monochrome-only version of its M-series rangefinder body.

By May. 10, 2012


A Wonder Woman costume we can all agree on

Wonder Woman fans give the Amazonian superhero a fresh look, complete with battle skirt and shining gold chest eagle. Now a fan film may be in the works.

By May. 14, 2012


'Social Network' weaves a complex Web (review)

The impressive new film about the contested origins of Facebook is best classified as mythology, but it's also about how we see ourselves and how the world sees us.

By Sep. 15, 2010