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4G helpline tests whether 4G fries your Freeview

A 4G test is investigating the effects of extra-fast LTE mobile Internet on Freeview TVs, complete with a helpline to report problems.

By Mar. 18, 2013


'Go Away Cameron' Chrome extension bypasses PM's porn filter

An extension for the Google Chrome browser lets you browse any website you wish.

By Dec. 22, 2013


Porn filters block sex education, not all porn, UK study finds

Sites about relationships, rape and sexual abuse are being blocked automatically, a study has found, while hardcore porn is readily accessible.

By Dec. 19, 2013


Are these the first Android 4.4 KitKat screen grabs?

Nearly two dozen photos surface that purport to be first looks at Google's next OS.

By Oct. 3, 2013


4G will disrupt Freeview TV in fewer homes than expected

In a trial of 22,000 households in the West Midlands, just 15 suffered issues with their TV reception once a 4G network was deployed.

By Apr. 6, 2013


Airbnb buys Crashpadder, its largest U.K. competitor

Gearing up for the 2012 Olympics in London, the U.S.-based peer-to-peer accommodation booking site snaps up its U.K. rival.

By Mar. 20, 2012


Canadian airport to bug travelers' conversations

Ottawa airport installs microphones that are intended to, quite simply, bug private conversations between travelers. Might this be slightly intrusive? Or just plain creepy?

By Jun. 16, 2012


iPad 2 recalled in unknown quantity in US, thanks to shonky ID numbers

Some US customers have bought iPad 2s with a non-unique identifying code which could stop them connecting to the mobile network, prompting to Apple to recall the tablets.

By Jun. 13, 2011


Sony gives free £100,000 insurance to PSN users, but only if you're over 18

Sony is offering free identity theft protection to everyone caught up in the PlayStation Network hack here in the UK, and more details have been revealed of how Fraud Protect will work.

By May. 19, 2011


Android rumor roundup

The Nexus 10 successor, HTC One Max, and Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch are three of this week's juiciest Android-related rumors.

By Dec. 14, 2012