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Flat Earth Games puts you at the helm in Objects in Space

The passion project from Flat Earth Games is a space-trading simulator that does a heck of a lot more than it says on the tin.

By November 15, 2015


Epic Lego Helm's Deep crafted from 150,000 bricks

Two Lego builders dedicate themselves to the details in recreating "The Lord of the Rings" battle of Helm's Deep with thousands upon thousands of Lego pieces and Minifigs.

By May 7, 2013


Massive Lego Helm's Deep awes (pictures)

Two Lego and "Lord of the Rings" fans combined their passions into a 150,000 piece Helm's Deep model that encapsulates the epic battle.

8 Images By May 7, 2013


At Yahoo, Scott Thompson takes helm as CEO (roundup)

Amid talk of a sale, Yahoo hires PayPal President Scott Thompson to replace fired CEO Carol Bartz. Thompson promises the company will reclaim its tech leadership, but serious challenges await.

By January 4, 2012


Microsoft Surface out on 26 October, same day as Windows 8

Microsoft has confirmed the release date for its peculiar Windows 8 tablet.

By July 30, 2012


Lego Lord of the Rings sets astound in hands-on video

Check out our hands-on video of seven new-to-the-UK Lego Lord of the Rings sets, complete with Lego Gandalf.

By July 5, 2012