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Salvation 1: That mini helicopter off the telly

Flying stuff rules! Gawp as we dive-bomb our colleagues with the new Salvation 1 chopper, as featured on ITV1's Tycoon programme last night

By June 20, 2007


The dulcet tones of helicopter rotors

Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Helicopter String Quartet" blends the sounds of instruments with the din of helicopter rotors.

By June 19, 2007


Trimaran gets some respect from the Navy

A new, high-tech trimaran warship for coastal operations combines stealth, speed and huge payload.

By October 5, 2007


RC bumper cars are just our speed

We just wish they didn't require 10 batteries.

By October 1, 2007


Photos: Wacky new toys from I Want One of Those

Crave presents the pick of the novelty items from I Want One of Those's Christmas gift showcase, from flying monkeys to inflatable horse outfits

By September 27, 2007


Boeing upgrades cowboy-copter for special ops

Remote-controlled helicopters are nothing new. What makes the A160T Hummingbird unique is its use of a rigid rotor for improved performance.

By August 16, 2007


Photos: Russia's aviation wonders

The MAKS 2007 air show serves up a feast of fighter jets, commuter planes, a stealth drone and a whole lot of national pride.

By August 23, 2007


When Google Earth isn't good enough...

The U.S. government plans to offer military-grade remote-sensing data to police agencies. Good or bad? You decide.

By August 17, 2007


Twenty-eight wheels...of evil!

Could this custom-built, 28-wheeled truck designed for hauling antennae up mountains be featured in the Transformers movie?

By August 1, 2007