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YouTube gets local TV news programming

YouTube partners with Hearst-Argyle to put TV on your PC.

By June 5, 2007


Google unveils YouTube antipiracy tool

New video ID system uses image recognition to match pirated video with copyrighted clips. But it's up to copyright owners to provide YouTube with reference video.

By October 15, 2007


Hearst launches cross-platform High School Playbook network

Another site devoted to high school sports launches; this one will feature HD video and a whole lot of social networking features.

By August 16, 2007


Hollywood's YouTube frustration grows

Media executives thought YouTube would have copyright filtering technology months ago. They're still waiting, and increasingly peeved. Images: Now playing on a Google site near you Watchdog group eyes YouTube

By June 11, 2007


CNN, Internet Broadcasting to share online news

Internet Broadcasting System station sites to trade local news for CNN site's national and international news.

By May 22, 2007


NBC loosens hold on local TV sites

Internet Broadcasting Systems will operate Web sites for the TV network's local stations, but NBC will retain control of the editorial content.

October 26, 2001


TV industry getting serious about "datacasting"

Today's television broadcasters are trying to turn themselves into tomorrow's Internet service providers. Why? Because they have no choice.

March 8, 2000


Firms team for PC-TV

Silicon Valley start-up Geocast expands the reach of planned "datacasting" services via digital television signals through a new deal with the Belo group of TV stations, while new competitors wait in the wings with deals of their own.

October 28, 1999


Start-up sees new picture for digital television

Geocast hopes to give TV broadcasters an incentive to use HDTV with its technology to deliver data to PCs via airwaves.

October 8, 1999