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headphone break-in


Ode to a headphone cable

Discover just what can happen if you don't treat your headphones with a little bit of respect.

By March 27, 2008


MSI Wind: Hands-on, with exclusive photos

We've just had an exclusive hands-on with the MSI Wind, and by golly it's good. So good, in fact, that it could take the throne from the Asus Eee PC as the best mini laptop on the planet

By May 29, 2008


Roland's $3,000 virtual accordion

Roland announces their FR-2 series virtual V-accordions with built-in MIDI and on-board sounds.

By February 11, 2008


Top 10 portable speakers

Looking for the perfect way to share the tunes on your next trip or just around the office? Check out CNET's Top 10 portable speaker systems.

By December 21, 2007


Split: Oakley's latest MP3 sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses has announced their latest design for their Split Thump series of MP3 playing sunglasses.

By November 5, 2007


PS3's got game: plus Blu-ray, MP3 and more

We take an in-depth look at PS3's non-gaming attributes and cover what you need to know about how it handles Blu-ray and DVD movies, music, photos, Internet browsing and more.

By March 21, 2007


In ear, mate: Sennheiser CX 300 headphones

Sennheiser's new CX 300 headphones premiered at the Bristol Show. Crave berated the poor company until it handed them over, allowing us to pipe high-quality music directly into our brains

By February 26, 2006


Evergreen CF-to-IDE adaptor: Boot like a banshee

Hey IDE lovers, have we got a treat for you. Your favourite systems interface is now compatible with Compact Flash memory cards. Break out the Ribena, it's geek party time!

By October 11, 2006


Portable DVD: Why not use a notebook?

Even the lowest-end notebooks on the market these days sport DVD-ROM drives, so why shouldn't you just plump for a notebook to meet your portable DVD watching needs?

By October 14, 2004