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How to change your Twitter header photo

Add a personal touch to your Twitter profile while also sharing your interests or more about your brand with the world.

By Sep. 28, 2012


Get Mail to show the right e-mail header details

Being able to view e-mail header information can be useful, but sometimes OS X Mail's settings may prevent you from easily seeing headers.

By Jan. 17, 2012


Quick header response to check a list of domains

Using a simple Excel formula and some creative page previewing teamed up with the Link Counter add-on for Firefox can help check header response, server status codes on a list of URLs in no time.

By Mar. 20, 2008


Troubleshooting Apple Hard Drive Updater 1.0 for Mac OS X: "Low Power Header"

Troubleshooting Apple Hard Drive Updater 1.0 for Mac OS X: "Low Power Header"

By Jun. 30, 2003


How to analyze e-mail headers the easy way

Analyzing e-mail message headers can help pinpoint message delivery problems, but a full message header can be confusing to interpret. Fortunately, there's an easy way to analyze them.

By May. 1, 2012


Twitter revamps its entire Web page

The site is rolling out a bigger and broader view of your tweets. But will Twitter users love or hate it?

By Apr. 8, 2014


Twitter tweaks Web design to match mobile

Twitter.com will soon look a lot more like the iOS and Android apps thanks to a refreshed design that is rolling out to users now.

By Jan. 13, 2014


AOL imposes stricter email rules to stem spoofing attack

AOL adds instructions for mailbox providers to reject any email allegedly associated with an AOL domain that didn't originate from an AOL server.

By Apr. 22, 2014