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GM's new engine to make its hybrids and plug-ins even more efficient

GM announced its development of a new, more efficient internal combustion engine that will eventually be used to power its line up of hybrid and extended-range plug-in vehicles.

By May 21, 2009


119: Hydrogen is back. Can it catch up with Hybrids and EVs?

Obama talks GM, but leaves out the "B" word. Hydrogen is back this week; will it stay? And the new version of Microsoft SYNC is out: we'll tell you what it does and if your Ford can get it. Plus: a ride in a hotted-up Lexus.

By May 23, 2009


GM's powertrain plan: Less weight, better technology

Automotive New reports on Nissan's hybrid plans.

By August 25, 2008


Another diesel engine start-up comes out of stealth

Achates Power is working on an opposed-piston engine, an idea that has withered for decades. And they have money from Sequoia.

By January 24, 2008


Transonic's goal: A car engine that gets 100 miles per gallon

Here's a good rhyme to remember Transonic by: high compression fuel injection.

By August 30, 2007