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Episode 41: Swimming with iPhones in Hawaii

It's the ultimate summer vacation, where we test out top products in the sand and water, including rugged digital cameras, iPhone underwater cases, and the Kindle Paperwhite.

By Jun. 11, 2013


Tweets study says Hawaii happiest, Louisiana not so much

Analysis of geotagged tweets suggests that living on a beautiful island makes for a more uplifted soul, than, say, not living on a beautiful island.

By Feb. 20, 2013


Hawaii wind farm leans on giant battery bank

A123 Systems lands a deal to supply 11 megawatts worth of battery systems at Hawaiian wind farm, its third grid storage deal this week.

By Dec. 22, 2011


Hollywood meets Hawaii

CBS CMO George Schweitzer discusses the creation of a Hawaii Five-0 theme song video featuring two stars of the show and the USC Trojan Marching Band.

By Sep. 17, 2010


The cameras of 'Hawaii Five-0'

Some of the cameras shooting "Hawaii Five-0" are models you might already own.

By Sep. 20, 2010


The guns of 'Hawaii Five-0'

The weapons of "Five-0" make some foreign militaries green.

By Sep. 20, 2010


Army ROV clears underwater ordnance off Hawaii

Working at a site off Oahu once used as a marine munitions dump, the Army's Roumrs ROV has cleared dozens of pieces of exploded ordnance.

By Aug. 8, 2011


Hawaii to test hydrogen vehicles with GM

Looking to tackle the lack of hydrogen fueling infrastructure, 10 companies and agencies plan to build filling stations and test pipelines for hydrogen in Hawaii.

By Dec. 8, 2010


Hawaii may keep track of all Web sites visited

The state legislature plans hearing on bill requiring Internet service providers to create dossiers on residents showing all Web sites they visit for two years.

By Jan. 26, 2012


Better Place launches free electric car charging in Hawaii

Hawaii residents will be able to charge their electric vehicles for free at Better Place's 130 charge spots on four islands for the remainder of the year.

By Mar. 2, 2012