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Man unknowingly becomes 'More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock' (in part)

A New Zealand man loses a bet and is forced to change his name to something quite ridiculous. This was 4 years ago. On applying for a new passport recently, he discovers his new name has been accepted.

By March 13, 2014


Tech gifts for children

Shopping for a techie gift for a young child this Christmas? Then swot up on our pick of the best kid-friendly gadgets.

By November 29, 2012


Tech toys for big kids this Christmas

Light up a geek's face this Christmas by buying them a Lightsaber. Or Scalextrics. Or Lego. We know what they want, trust us.

By November 29, 2012


How to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If you're the proud new owner of a jumbo-sized Galaxy Note 2 and want to play around with customs ROMs, you'll need to root it. Here's how.

By November 28, 2012


Nerf Havok vs Nerf Stampede vs Nerf Raider review: Foamy darts of death

Which Nerf gun do you deserve this Christmas? We take three ludicrously overpowered foam-firing weapons and pit them against each other in our head to head review...

26 Images By November 15, 2010


One Windows to rule them all

Microsoft's upcoming mobile OS has a lot more in common with Windows Sr., a technology decision that hints at closer future ties.

By June 21, 2012


Nokia Lumia 800 Dark Knight Edition: A working batphone?

A true batphone would help the caped crusader tackle all dangers. We see what the Dark Knight edition of Nokia's Lumia 800 is capable of.

By January 18, 2012


Amazon may flog Xbox 360 for £60 during Black Friday deals week

Not content with hinting at bargain-basement prices for the Nintendo Wii and Flip Video camcorders, Amazon is now promising cheap Xbox 360s and Sony Blu-ray players during its Black Friday week.

By November 18, 2010


Angry Birds tips: Get more from your arsenal with our guide to every bird

We know a lot of you out there love Angry Birds, but we also know that getting those fabled three stars can be something of a challenge. We guide you through every bird on offer...

By November 17, 2010


Intel exec Renee James discusses goals for McAfee (Q&A)

Renee J. James, senior vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group at Intel, talks about how Intel expects to use the planned McAfee acquisition.

By August 19, 2010