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Just Cause 3: Wreaking havok with tethers and boosters

Looking to master the grapple and booster engine mines? Here are some Just Cause 3 beginner tips on how to utilize these gadgets to their fullest.

By November 30, 2015


Nerf Havok vs Nerf Stampede vs Nerf Raider review: Foamy darts of death

Which Nerf gun do you deserve this Christmas? We take three ludicrously overpowered foam-firing weapons and pit them against each other in our head to head review...

26 Images By November 15, 2010


AMD hooks up with game giant Havok

AMD and Havok announce plans to optimize game physics processing on AMD chips.

By June 12, 2008


Intel reaps Havok for $110 million

Chipmaker snaps up the Irish developer of animation graphics technology found in dozens of video games and movies.

By September 18, 2007


Next-gen Sonic demo

Sonic Team's Yuji Naka gives a taste of the blue hedgehog's future on a PS3 dev kit, confirms use of Havok engine, game title.

By September 18, 2005


Macromedia software released

Graphics software maker Macromedia has released Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio and FreeHand 10. Director 8.5 allows developers to bring 3D content to the Web, CDs and DVDs. The Director 8.5 bundle includes a new version of the Shockwave Multiuser Server, Havok physics engine for 3D game behaviors, support for Macromedia Flash 5 and the ability to stream RealMedia content. It is available for both Mac and Windows. It costs $1,199, or $199 to $399 for upgrades. FreeHand 10 offers features such as new drawing tools, templates, tight integration with Macromedia Flash 5, and the ability to publish to both print and the Web. FreeHand 10 is available now for Windows, with Mac OS versions, including Mac OS X, expected in May. FreeHand 10 costs $399, or $129 for upgrades. The Flash 5/FreeHand 10 Studio is priced at $499--$100 less than Macromedia will charge later. Upgrades cost $199.

By April 25, 2001