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Hydromechanical watch fuses fluid mechanics with haute horlogerie

The new H2 watch from the Hydromechanical Horologists uses a unique bellows to pump liquid around the dial to indicate hours.

By March 25, 2013


This week in Crave: The haute couture edition

This week, we put on some flashing-LED clothes and took a tandem bike ride with a life-size skeleton. Yes, here at Crave, we like the subtle approach.

By July 14, 2012


Haute couture as lightbox: 'Little Slide Dress' gets the picture

A design student in New Zealand creates a light-up photographic dress using Kodachrome, LEDs, and a LilyPad Arduino.

By May 30, 2012


Loku location discovery app knows hip from haute

Here's a great mobile service that's buried in a Web site. It's interesting for now, but could become truly useful when it gets appified.

By October 27, 2011


Haute Secure 2.0

Haute Secure 2.0 blocks malicious content on the Web and is a worthy alternative to Linkscanner and Finjan SecureBrowsing.

March 9, 2008

3.5 stars Editors' rating March 9, 2008

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Haute Secure blocks Web threats

A new, free tool to block recently compromised Web sites emerges from beta. We found it to be a useful product, but not without drawbacks.

By March 7, 2008


Diamond-studded pan redefines haute cuisine

For just $200,000, you can have a diamond-and-gold-studded saucepan.

By October 29, 2007


Haute Secure pledges safe-surfing toolbar for IE

New company hopes to improve upon existing toolbars already on the market.

By July 11, 2007


Solar energy goes haute couture

The greening of the runway continues

By April 16, 2007