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The eBook takes a page from Harlequin

Sony's "Cross Your Heart" digital reader package for Valentine's Day.

By January 28, 2008


Snappy Valentine's! More women sexting than last year

A study by Harlequin--yes, the romantic-book people--says more women are sending naughty texts (shocking) and that 27 percent have sent a nude picture via e-mail or text.

By February 10, 2012


Chevy Orlando makes art car for Quinze & Milan

Belgian design label Quinze & Milan used its signature QM Foam to create an art car out of a seven-seater Chevy Orlando.

By September 21, 2011


Amazon goes global with new Kindle

The new edition of the e-book reader that can wirelessly download books in more than 100 countries. Also: a price cut for U.S. consumers.

By October 6, 2009


iPhone bookworm: Reconnecting with the classics

There are a million good reasons for not having read those dusty old tomes, but not having a library card is no longer one of them. Classics on the iPhone brings 20 truly classic titles in their entirety.

By April 21, 2009


Gadgettes 170: The 'enough with the feminism' episode (podcast)

We received a passionate e-mail from one of our listeners about the show's constant feminist slant. Fortunately for Nicholas, we quickly decided to devote an entire episode to the other side (for a change).

By January 21, 2010